After making some american vehicles I wanted to do something different. I went to the shop and looked around for a while. There was so much choice, but I found where I was looking for: A Chevrolet 15 CWT.

It is a different truck; a closed cabin and cab over engine. It was just where I was looking for! So I bought the model, ……….let the fun begin………….


I made this model the way I used to do: I take the measurements of the plastic model (1:35), and duplicate them. I make drawings on a sheet of metal and cut them out. Now I have got a large puzzle. When everything fits,

I solder the parts together. It results in a very strong construction.

The chassis

I started to built with the chassis. The first one was not a success, so I made a better one. It took some

time but the result was much better. As you can see on the next picture I also built a engine in it. That was not so easy be course I had only one drawing to work with.

The tires are not so good. Those tires are made from roller-skate wheels. Although it is not perfect, I like it as it is.

I have to find a way to make better looking ones. maybe I run in to something nice.

 The cabin

The next thing was to make the cabin. All metal work. There is not so much to tell about this picture. I have made some progress with this vehicle.

The windscreens can be opened and so are the doors. On top of the roof there is a hatch. This hatch can also be opened.

Inside I wanted to have some detail, so I created a detailed dashboard. On the right picture you can see the speedometer and the steeringwheel. I have tried to give the steeringwheel a "woody-look".

The backside

As you can see on the picture above the backside is partly made of wood. I wanted it to be as real as the real thing.

Detail shots